Guest Speaker at Boston College Alumni’s Financial Planning Series – May 2, 2018

Here is Tucker speaking at Boston College’s Alumni event last night at the Langham Hotel in downtown Boston on Financial & Estate Planning! From Tucker: “We had a great event, great turnout, about 50 attendees (with a Bruins playoff hockey game conflict notwithstanding), and really great questions from the audience! […]

How to Uncover Your “Aha!” Money Moments  

Podcast with Rick McDonald discussing a-ha or epiphany moments when it comes to managing your money: “An a-ha moment is when all of a sudden, you get what it is you’re supposed to do with a portion of money, and you see that pathway to having that goal, that vision come into fruition. And all of a sudden, there’s clarity of purpose. There’s more objective. It’s purposefulness.

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